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Calendar 2023 in aid of the Belgian Pug Dog Club Welfare

Dear members, dear pug friends,

You can now order our exclusive calendar!
Price in presale or ordered before October 2, 2022 = € 10 (afterwards € 12)

You can pick up your ordered calendars during our autumn walk on September 18, 2022 or during our Club Championship with CAC on October 2, 2022.

Would you like to have our calendar delivered at home? This is possible subject to payment of packaging and shipping costs. Belgium € 6 / Abroad € 11

You can please your order with Sammy Baert = This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +3252422498

Order and payment simultaneously please via BPDC Welfare IBAN: BE79 0682 1729 0333 BIC: GKCCBEBB

Thanks in advance for supporting us,
Belgian Pug Dog Club Welfare


What is Welfare? 

As of 2007 we notice the pug is very often chosen as the ideal family dog, which he definately is.

With their increased popularity more pugs live in family homes, but unfortunately we also encounter more people that for whatever possible reason can no longer look after or take care of their beloved friend. We try to help these pugs by replacing them in good family homes where they will receive all the love, attention and care they need. Until now we have well succeeded and we will continue to devote ourselves for pugs in distress.

The operaton of the Welfare Department.

People presenting themselves as candidates to adopt a pug through the B.P.D.C. will go on a waiting list. They will need to fill out a request form. This form will ask for information on the family situation and will give you a chance to indicate preferences (sex, color, etc). As soon as the Welfare Department knows of a pug looking for a new home, the received forms will be checked and new candidate parents will be contacted. Once the pug has been replaced, the adoption parents will regularly be contacted by one of our Welfare responsibles to find out how everything is going and to help with possible problems. Of course all board members can be contacted at any time by all our members with queries.

Adopted pugs have the very typical feature of showing you, in different ways, how grateful they are to you. Of course, in the beginning, some points need to be considered. These pugs are being taken away from their familiar environment and do not understand what is happening to them, causing some minor problems as separation anxiety, marking of territory, conflicts between males, …. But these problems disappear as soon as the pug realizes this is his (new) home.

Adopting a pug in distress is completely free of charge. The club’s only request to adoption parents is to become and stay member of the B.P.D.C. The small membership fee does not outweigh the love and gratitude received by a welfare pug. Welfare pugs can NEVER be resold or given away! Nor is breeding allowed with a welfare pug. If, for whatever reason, you cannot take care any longer of your adoption pug, you need to contact the Welfare Department. They will look for a new home.

If you wish to support our pugs in need, gifts are always welcome and can be transfered to our

"Welfare" bank account: 068-2172903-33
IBAN : BE79 0682 1729 0333 BIC : GKCCBEBB

Don’t be shy to contact us when you know of a pug looking to be adopted.

For additional information on the adoption of pugs, please contact:
Mary Lindekens
Bruyère Abbée 30
1390 Grez-Doiceau
Tel: +32 (0)10/84.60.70
Fax: +32 (0)10/84.60.70
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.