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Autumn walk

2023, Autumn walk with covered wagon ride 2023 and BBQ

2022, Autumn walk with covered wagon ride 2022 and BBQ


2021, Automn Walk in Buggenhout

Pictures, Guy Heylens. More pictures

2019, Autumn walk Tervuren

2018, Autumn walk Tervuren

Due to the heavy rain, our Automn walk was shortened and many of us could not even do the walk. We think of repeating this walk in the spring with, hopefully, a shining sun.

2017, Autumn walk Torhout, Wijnendale

Thank you Rosane, Shauna and Saskia for this marvelous day !

2016, Autumn walk Knokke

2015, Autumn walk Torhout Wijnendale

A sunny Sunday in September. Many pugs and their owners walked the nicely mapped out autumn walk trail in a joyful atmosphere. Thanks to our members/organizers Mrs. Rosanne Jansoone, Mrs. Shauna Vanden Bulcke and Mrs. Saskia Valcke ! 

2014, Autumn walk Knokke

Our autumn walk in Knokke remains a huge success. 
 Accompanied by 35 Pugs our numerous participants walked under a shining sun alongside our Belgian coast. The menu in restaurant "Ten Bos" was very tasteful  and most important of all: our Pugs feel welcome there.

2013, Autumn walk Knokke

Again a successful activity. Plenty of sunshine and nothing but satisfied participants. As some new members told to us : "We are pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere inside the BPDC. We feel us at home here. It's so nice to meet all those Pugs with their owners. A day that we will not forget soon. "

2012, Autumn walk Knokke

Automn walk in Knokke = more than 80 pug friends and 36 pugs.
Than you Lina and Stephan !

2011, Autumn walk Chaumont-Gistoux

This year, our Autumn walk was held in Chaumont-Gistoux, in the French part of the country.
A large number of pugs and their bosses, friends and family joined together in this hilly area along beautiful alleys. After one of our first cold nights, the sun was with us, turning the lanscape in a natural beauty of white covered fields.
Afterwards, we drove to a nice restaurant where we were welcomed in a friendly and happy manner and where we were served by two singing and laughing waiters. It was a very nice day.
Thank you Mary and Koen for the organization.
Every particpant was full of praise.

2010, Autumn walk Knokke

It looks like this lovely sunny day was reserved for us to fully enjoy our Autumn walk in Knokke. The sunshine set everyone in a good mood, especially with the rainy memory of some previous activities still in mind. More than 50 pug friends and 26 pugs took the lovely new promenade to the beach where some pugs enjoyed putting their little paws in the water. After the walk, a delicious lunch was served to us in the restaurant.
We want to thank Lina and Stephan again for the organisation of this lovely day.  Our pugs and ourselves truly enjoyed it. 

2009, Autumn walk Knokke

Our autumn walk in Knokke was again a great success, showing how the B.P.D.C. is growing and flourishing. More and more members and sympathizers participate with their pugs at our activities. This year, unlike last year, it was a splendid day, dry with a light sea breeze and pleasant temperatures. Lina and Stephan scheduled a nice walk for us followed by a delicious lunch in a classy restaurant. We were honored to welcome Mr. Johan Van Der Biest, vice president of the KMSH, who praised our activity.  He called the B.P.D.C. not simply a pug club, but more a large pug family.

2008, Autumn walk Knokke

2007, Autumn walk Schore

2006, Autumn walk Oost-Duinkerke

2005, Autumn walk Blankenberge