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Dear Members, pugs and pug friends,
The Belgian Pug Dog Club organised the Automn walk on Sunday, October 11th,
2020 in Buggenhout Bos.
We are looking forward to meet you all and your pugs after so many months.
The committee
Automn walk



Dear Exhibitor,
The impact and further development of the corona virus are impossible to foresee. According to experts, the danger for contamination is very real in the next few weeks. That is why the committee of the Belgian Pug Dog Club has decided to cancel the Championchip clubshow with CAC at May 3th, 2020.

If possible and in consultation with the competent authorities, we will soon announce a new date.

All entry fees will be entirely refunded, within a reasonable time.

Kind Pugregards and take care in these difficult times.
Brigitte Baert-Sabbe
Vice President/Secretairy

Info – Info – info ! (corona virus)
In carrying out the measures imposed by the Federal Government our spring walk will be canceled.

Pugday, games, … and buffet:
Sunday 16-08-2020 in Gooik

Autumn walk:
Sunday 11-10-2020 in ?


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