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Belgian Pug Dog Club

Our club is the only one registered as K.K.U.S.H. nr 775.
Founded in 1982 / Recognized in 1983

Welcome to the Belgian Pug Dog Club

In November 1982, a small group of pug lovers including some breeders got together and decided to start the Belgian Pug Dog Club. Mrs Ingrid Mylemans was elected president. She accepted this responsibility as long as a welfare division would be created and would be part of the club from the very beginning. 

To be registered with the Royal Club Saint Hubert, the club had to give a copy of the club’s internal functioning rules. Not only it complied with this request but the committee worked on a document: rues of good practice to be followed by its future members.

A few months later in 1983, the Belgian Pug Dog Club was accepted by URSH.

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